React native is a programing language based on JavaScript framework. It is built on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for creating user interfaces, but it’s designed for mobile devices rather than the browser. In other words, web developers can now create mobile apps that look and sound truly “native,” all while using the familiar JavaScript library. Furthermore, since most of the code you write can be spread across platforms, React Native makes it simple to build for both Android and iOS at the same time.

React Native is the first mobile app development system to deliver on the promise of cross-platform app development in its entirety. Moreover, React Native is a hybrid app that effectively incorporates the advantages of both native and hybrid apps. Since iOS and Android variants from the same app share 60–70% of the codebase, using React Native to create a hybrid app greatly speeds up the development process while still providing a native-like user interface.


List of top 10 React Native Development Companies

The following list has been developed of the most trusted and commonly referred to companies in the US. Each has its own unique rate and we have compiled a list that offers something for everyone.



CodingPixel is a Los Angeles based company that specialists in providing people with completely customized mobile app development and web development. The company has developed over hundreds if not thousands of React Native based application both for IOS & Android. The company was founded in 2012 and since then has worked in multiple industries such as healthcare, blockchain, travel, finance, sports and more.

Clients praise the company on their work ethic and incredibly affordable prices. CodingPixel has an employment of over 100 employees and is one of the fastest growing companies right now.

No of employees: 100 – 200 Employees

Minimum cost: $20,000

Location: Los Angeles, CA



MindGrub is a Baltimore-based company that specializes in custom mobile and web creation and has won numerous awards. Hundreds of applications have been developed by the company using React Native and other common development technologies and frameworks.

There’s no doubt that smartphones are changing operating systems, business models, and marketplaces. MindGrub has been providing high-tech services and solutions to clients in the healthcare, finance, travel, and other industries since its inception in 2002. Aside from React Native, the company’s flexible and skilled developers have experience with augmented reality, virtual reality, wearable technology, gaming, robotics, and other emerging technologies.

No of employees: 50 – 249 Employees

Minimum cost: $50,000

Location: Baltimore, MD



WillowTree is a respected mobile app development company that specialises in providing mobile and web development services to clients in a variety of industries. To include mobile application development services, the company uses React Native, Xamarin, and other cutting-edge technologies. The company has over 200+ employees and they offer full software services.

No of employees: 250 – 999 Employees

Minimum cost: $250,000+

Location: Charlottesville, VA



Rootstrap is a well-known mobile and web development firm that has produced hundreds of apps for entrepreneurs, publicly traded firms, and public figures. Rootstrap React Native development services help businesses scale up their business processes and meet their target markets without having to spend a lot of money on a mobile app. Swift, Objective-C, Android, React Native, and Ionic are the technologies and languages used by Rootstrap in its development.

No of employees: 50 – 250 Employees

Minimum cost: $50,000+

Location: West Hollywood, CA


The BHW Group:

BHW Group is another well-known mobile and web development firm that works with companies of all sizes. The company had provided several cross-platform mobile applications to its customers from the Finance, Healthcare, Travel, and other market verticals using the React Native system. BHW Group also provides enterprise app creation, business process automation, Android app development, and other services in addition to React Native app development.

No of employees: 10 – 50 Employees

Minimum cost: $50,000+

Location: Austin, TX



Chopdawg is a well-known React Native development company that develops highly sophisticated and scalable apps for multiple platforms with a “clients come first” philosophy. This Philadelphia-based company, which was established in 2009, has a large team of seasoned and proficient React Native developers to meet the unique app development needs of startups and enterprises. Aside from React Native app creation, the company also provides the option to “hire React Native developers” for your project.

The company’s React Native developers believe in creating next-generation cross-platform apps that take advantage of React Native’s capabilities. Chopdawg has developed hundreds of applications for healthcare, travel, e-learning, and a variety of other industries.

No of employees: 10 – 50 Employees

Minimum cost: $25,000+

Clutch Review: 4.8/5

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Spire Digital:

Spire Digital is a digital product creation firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Custom software development, UX/UI design, web development, and app development are among the services offered by the company’s more than 50 employees. For a freelance recruitment platform, Spire Digital created a minimum viable product (MVP) – a web app. Spire Digital provided user experience design, app development, and quality assurance.

No of employees: 1000 – 9999 Employees

Minimum cost: N/A

Location: Denver, CO


Table XI:

Table XI is a Chicago-based mobile app and custom software development company. They are a group of 50 curious minds who specialize in designing websites, mobile apps, and personalized digital experiences for businesses ranging from startups to well-known brands. They were founded in 2002. Table XI rebuilt a global events company’s website, including a video player and an iOS app for content delivery, all with no downtime. The app and site both worked well after the migration. Table XI was recommended by the client because of their low cost, transparency, and timeliness.

No of employees: 10-50 Employees

Minimum cost: $75,000

Location: Chicago, IL



Thoughtbot is a Boston-based web and mobile app development firm with locations in Austin, San Francisco, New York, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., and London. This 50+ person team has been providing empowering digital solutions to both large and small businesses since 2003. The team at Thoughtbot assisted the client in creating a custom software solution aimed at increasing customer advocacy. The client appreciated the estimable coding skills, fast completion time, and dedication to quality because the deliverables were mainly on the backend.

No of employees: 50-250 Employees

Minimum cost: $25,000

Location: Boston, MA



Cubix is a software development firm that was founded in 2008. Their 150+ person team specialises in custom software creation, AR/VR development, and mobile app development. They are based in Washington and have offices in Karachi, Pakistan, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Cubix aided a dating startup by reverse-engineering the dating app to make it compliant with the privacy settings of a social media network. For mobile devices, the team also created iOS versions of the platform. Their dedication and communication were praised by the client.

No of employees: 50-250 Employees

Minimum cost: $25,000

Location: West Palm Beach, FL



Moove-it is an Austin-based consulting and engineering company with a second office in Montevideo, Uruguay. Moove-it is a custom software development, web development, and mobile app development company that was founded in 2006. The 70 employees of Moove-it mostly work with small and midmarket companies. Moove-it collaborated with a 3D visualisation studio in search of a custom programming partner. The 3D visualisation produces artwork and digital assets, while Moove-it ensures that the final product is completely usable for users through programming in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, C++, and other languages.

No of employees: 50-250 Employees

Minimum cost: $100,000

Location: Austin, TX



This article discusses the best React Native development companies for app development that startups and businesses need. To get an idea of their work and developed applications, look at their portfolio or read client feedback. If you are looking to hire react native developers you may contact our team. Choose the option that best meets your React Native mobile app development needs while remaining within your budget.