Outsourcing trends are beginning to grow exponentially, living in the USA, which is a hub for high quality developers the only reason for you to hire a developer from either India or Pakistan would be because they are more cost effective. While you may find talented individuals in both countries, which will be better for a long term solution?

While both countries offer extensive amounts of services, they may not always get the best review. Since both countries have been at war for over half a century. National pride does cause a lot of rumors, but today let’s get down to the truth.

Quantity and Quality

Both these Asian countries have a high rate of population growth. For that reason the local markets in both these countries are highly competitive. However, that still doesn’t ensure quality, most freelancers are individuals who couldn’t make it work in a 9-5 job. Because they weren’t good enough or simply too lazy or unreliable. Quality freelancers from both countries are a hard to find and many developers will upsell themselves to get the job. Since competition is so high, this upselling is the reason most people have a bad experience.

Upselling skills is more common in India than it is in Pakistan. Since financial conditions based on the individual is much worse there. Many people have reported problems like the developer disappeared after receiving the payment. Or they have reported many incidents of scamming. India is well known for its scamming call centers (which are registered Indian businesses), taking advantage of gullible non-technical pray, and stealing money through getting credit card information.

Like the Nigerian Prince scam, the Indian scams are sweeping the market these days. These Indian scams are being done worldwide, Indians are also scamming Indians. You can find many sources for this, even videos on youtube. The same applies to development services, although it is more likely that you wouldn’t face this issue. But there is still a good chance of this happening.

Education Factor Reality

The Pakistani education system is different than the Indian system. It is far from perfect, but in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Deserving students are given financial support through Zakat systems (religiously giving to poor for betterment). The schools in major cities have facilities that help these students learn. NGO’s and entrepreneurs like Sunny Ali are commonly found improving and guiding students from all over the country.

Pakistan’s education system and technical studies have improved exponentially in the last few years. Lahore & Karachi are a technical education hubs, with people coming from Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Oman and Saudia Arabia to study computer sciences. The country has some of the best young developers in the world. This fact can be attested to, if you view the recent coding challenge results and overall reviews on freelance websites.

In the TopTal JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge, almost 2,000 coders and developers from 137 countries competed to complete coding challenges as quickly as possible in order to receive points. Pakistan took first place, with five people in the Top 50 finishers. With three coders from each country, Bangladesh, Brazil, and Serbia tied for the second most top 50 finishes. India had the most participants (251) followed by Pakistan with 128 and Nigeria with 88, Bangladesh with 82, Malaysia with 74, and the United States with 67. The global competition was held by Toptal, an online freelancing marketplace for elite developers, engineers, programmers, coders, and consultants. (Source)

This explains to us that while Indian Developers are still good. The future is still more inclined towards Pakistani developers. As the youth is excelling at a faster pace and the countries IT sector itself is growing rapidly. If you look at 1000 developers from India and 1000 developers from Pakistan. It is more likely you will find more quality from that 1000 developer in Pakistan and its much less likely that you will be scammed.

India is said to be tech focused, their studies are completely tech focused and yes the world will agree with this fact. But most universities rolling out future developers just aren’t good enough in terms of infrastructure, good teachers, and have limited resources. One computer is used by 5-15 students to learn coding from. So how can you expect quality? The top tier universities roll out a few thousand of the best developers in the world, but the hundreds and thousands of students graduating from tier 2 or below are barely able to code properly.

A survey by “The Hindu Business Line” reveals the hidden truth that most hide. Yes massive Indian corporations will have brilliant, world class developers. But that is only a needle in a haystack. Only top tier universities are able to produce talent, the majority can barely code.

Only 4.77 percent of candidates can develop the correct logic for a programme, according to a survey by Aspiring Minds, which is a minimal need for any programming position.

Over 36,000 engineering students from over 500 colleges took Automata, a Machine Learning-based exam of software development capabilities, and more than two-thirds of them were unable to generate code that compiles. According to the survey, more than over 60% of candidates couldn’t produce code that compiles, but just 1.4 percent can write code that is functionally correct and efficient.

Cyber Laws

Here is a fact that most of you might not know. Both countries have laws in place to prevent cybercrimes. However, the last proper law for cyber security that the Indian government established was way back in 2000, it is known as the Information Technology Bill. You can register a complaint through an online portal as well. But Indian cyber security laws are more inclined towards helping their businesses grow rather than providing justice. Also as the investigation team has been guilty of taking bribes before. It is highly unlikely that a foreigner will get any justice. Moreover, the number of filed cases are so extensive, that it takes months for the police to even view the complaint.

The Pakistani government especially the current one is taking cyber security very seriously. You can read stories about cyber justice, provided by cybercrime patrol squads. Who have solved cases starting from fraud, blackmail, to credit card fraud. The cyber laws are extensive in Pakistan, complains can be lodged through emails, website, phone calls and text messages. Cyber laws are updated every 4-8 years on average, based on changing trends. The system isn’t entirely fool proof, but most cases are solved, as there are systems in place to ensure the police is doing their job. When a complaint is lodged, there is a response team that calls you to hear about your experience. People are then promoted, hired or fired based on your response.

How to Ensure you get Quality

Recruitment isn’t an easy task, otherwise companies wouldn’t need HR’s. The first rule is to not trust so quickly. Ask proper technical questions from the developer you are about to hire. To check if his/her technical background is strong enough. Also if your project is fairly costly or you need a long-term developer. Give them a simple inexpensive task and judge their abilities through it.

You can also use companies that provide other companies with developers. As they insure quality and have insurance policies in case any unpleasantness arises.