Mobile App Development Team: Roles & Structure

The world, and everything in it, is going digital with every passing day. The digitization of everything has also brought, with itself, a grand shift in the working paradigm of entrepreneurial ventures, companies, and businesses. Now, every company has a website and, to stand out from the crowd, people are looking for unique things, one of them being a mobile app for their company. Mobile apps bring a distinct uniqueness, brand persona, and identity to any business. This is one of the reasons why the mobile application industry has been predicted to make more than 935 billion USD in a few years from today:

Source: Statista

But have you ever wondered what is the secret recipe to seamless app development? Well, we have the recipe; it is a well-organized mobile app development team with designations and roles properly assigned to every team member according to a well-mapped-out structure.

Yes! It is that simple.

Now, the question that stands is how do you structure your app development team? Guess what, we have just the right answer for you. Read on to find out the roles and their responsibilities that make up the structure of a successful mobile app development team:

1. Product Manager

The brain of the operation i.e., the product manager determines the viability of your mobile app by working on its specifications, competitiveness, and benefits to effectively develop it. Look for extensive soft & hard skills in a product manager along with experience using customer survey & analytic tools.

Roles of product manager include identifying users’ problems, offering solutions, compiling a business plan, prioritizing app features, and extracting a unique value proposition.

2. Designers

Mobile app designer team includes content designers, visual designers, strategists, and navigation designers. Their roles include:

Analyzing the requirements, documentation, creating app navigation principles & ways to interact with them, and designing the app’s appearance according to UI/UX.

3. Mobile App Developers

You can’t have an app without structure and functionality and that’s why developers are integral to an app development team. iOS developers use Objective-C & Swift and Android developers use Java, C++ & Kotlin, respectively, to develop native apps.

Their responsibilities include designing, building & maintaining reliable code, translating wireframes into high-quality codes, fixing bugs, and maintaining automation, code quality & organization.

4. Analyst

If you want to ensure smooth communication in your mobile app development structure, then you need an analyst. If you can’t hire an analyst due to whatever reasons, you can have your product owner act as one.

An analyst communicates the requirements for designers and developers, decides how to fit the requirements within the project budget, translates the development team’s technical jargon as a user, and maintains documentation records of the project.

5. QA Engineers

When you finally have the first version of your app, you need an expert to test it to verify if it’s functioning as per your thought. That’s where QA engineers step in. They make sure your app works exactly the way your thought.

Their responsibilities cover testing the app & its quality, identifying deficiencies, suggesting solutions, creating a Quality Planning Strategy, and presenting reports to Senior Management.

6. Marketing Managers

Lastly, once your team has gone through the development process and you are ready to unveil it to the world, you need to market it. For marketing, you are going to need a team of sales representatives, marketers, copywriters, and content writers. The marketing manager converts a product into profit.

Their responsibilities include creating promotional materials like selling content, developing & implementing marketing (content & social media) strategies to promote the app. Marketers are not just involved in the last step but they are also necessary even before you begin your development to help you with market demand analysis.


If the structure, roles, and their respective responsibilities make you think that this is a lot, then that is because it is! Mobile app development is not easy and it is extremely resource-intensive as well, so yes, it requires a lot of skills and a lot of highly skilled people. If you find yourself getting lost and mixing up the responsibilities of every role, you can always come back to this article.

Another thing you can do is hire a team that has done it before. In other words, outsourcing your app development is an amazing idea to save time and energy. If you’re looking for an expert team for mobile app development, just drop us a line and we’d love to help you out.

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