How Much Does It Cost to Hire PHP Developers?

PHP surprised everyone in 2021!

Yes, the programming language software was the most popular language in 2021 and its market share was a jaw-dropping 45.43%.

And that’s not it, PHP’s performance as a server-side programming language was also amazing.

The best perks that come with using PHP are the versatility (of developing static and dynamic websites), customization, and the ability to create visually-attractive websites effectively. Every well-known website uses PHP, including WordPress, Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia, and MailChimp.

But the question is; how much do you need to dish out if you want to hire a PHP developer to develop your product?

We have broken it down for you:

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Hiring A PHP Developer

1. Location

The location where a PHP developer is present can greatly influence the cost of your project. Salaries change with the change in the geographical area. For example, Canadian and Australian developers will cost $120-$250 and $100-$180 hourly, respectively.


2. Scope

There is a big difference of scope in different projects like writing custom scripts for WordPress or coding a new app with integrated APIs from scratch. Apart from the scope, the time will also affect the cost of your project.

3. Developer’s Experience

Choosing the right level of experience will also affect the scope of your project. For example, hiring a senior developer for a simple project is going to cost you loads. Conversely, a less experienced freelancer who can get the job done will save you a lot of money.

So, How Much Will It Cost You To Hire A PHP Developer?

You can go three ways for this. You can outsource, hire a full-time employee, or get a freelancer to work for you. Outsourcing is a good choice, especially when you are low on budget. Freelancers cost less than full-time employees because you do not have to give them funds, workplace bonuses, and resources.

The average rate for a PHP developer varies between USD 50 to 60 per hour but the rate is different for every country.

For example, in the USA, the average PHP developer has an hourly wage of $24.71, and earns $63,493 annually. While in Germany, a PHP developer’s hourly rate is around $19.21, and earns $50,651 in a year.

Moreover, a PHP developer in Switzerland charges and $35.17 for an hour earns $85,408 yearly. Lastly, a PHP developer in Ukraine charges $19.65 for an hour and earns $21,000 in a year.

What About Upwork?

Well, there is always Upwork, right? Upwork can provide you with a diverse pool of talented PHP developers that can get your work done quickly and effectively without costing you a pretty penny.

According to Upwork, here’s how much freelance developers can cost you based on the job description:

Category of PHP Developer Job Description Avg. Hourly Rate
Full-Stack Developer Expertise in Twig, Blade, and React PHP. A combo of back-end & front-end tech. $45+
Basic Back-end PHP Technology stack like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). CMS like WordPress. Back-end fundamentals (RESTful APIs, Lambda functions) and Databases like MySQL. $15+
Intermediate – Advanced Expertise in a back-end server environment, beyond fundamentals, like AWS. Specialization in one or more PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, or Cake. $30+


PHP Developer Salaries According To Level Of Expertise

If we divide the levels of expertise of developers into junior, middle, and senior developer, here’s how much a developer charges based on an hourly rate:

  • Junior PHP Developers: 20 USD
  • Middle PHP Developers: 30 USD
  • Senior PHP Developers: 40-50 USD

And here’s how much they charge on a yearly basis:

  • Junior Developers: 50K USD
  • Middle Developers: 60K–70K USD
  • Senior Developers: 80K USD

Therefore, when you are looking to hire a PHP developer for your company, always compare hourly rates and annual rates because rates and skills can vary according to country. However, always remember that rates can also influence team management, number of team members, skillset, and technology stack.

Wrapping It Up

Keeping everything in mind including the number of developers you outsource and how much work you acquire from them, it can cost you anywhere from $9760 to $10,000 in order to have a one-month-long PHP development project rolled out. If your requirements are complex, you might’ve to pay a lot more than that. And sometimes you can also get scammed.

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