is a free and open-source platform for developing web applications and utilities using the.NET programming language. A multi-paradigm programming language for creating, managing, and modifying data stored in a relational database management system. IT companies can provide flexible hiring models for developers based on your requirements.

You can hire dot net developers to create custom enterprise solutions that help you grow your business with no overhead costs. You can employ a dedicated developer who will work on your project solely without having to invest in infrastructure costs. There are many ways you can do this. From hiring someone in-house to hiring a freelancer, or even an entire firm.


ASP.NET development Benefits

There are several advantages of using the ASP.NET platform to develop web applications, and we’ve mentioned a few below:

Separating content and software logic in the.NET context reduces program annoyances. The.NET platform has its own built-in caching capabilities, which is one of its best features. ASP.NET applications that are well-monitored and maintained are effective at managing complex requests. With ASP.NET features like JIT compilation, early binding, native optimization support, and caching services, your app can work at a high level. Unbounded loops, memory leaks, and other undesirable actions are quickly detected by the.NET code, which causes them to be terminated and restarted. Web pages, various programs, and modules running on the Windows web server are all meticulously monitored. With built-in configuration details, .NET is simple to set up and deploy. Since the ASP.NET architecture is language agnostic, you can use any programming language that best fits your needs. .NET code is a great server-side scripting technology since it runs on the Windows server first before being viewed in a browser. With ASP.NET and HTML, you can quickly create dynamic web pages. Large programs need a lot of coding, which.NET eliminates. With built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration, it keeps your ASP.NET applications stable.


Things to consider while choosing an ASP.NET Developer

When hiring a .NET developer, you should make sure that they know their stuff. So that you get the very best development for your platform. Here are some things you should look for:



An important criteria is to look at the developer’s total years of experience with the ASP.NET technology. Until making the final decision, find out how much experience they have in the industry. After all, their skill and ability to manage challenging situations during the production phase is determined by their prior experience. As a result, as a company, you must examine the candidate’s portfolio in depth to learn about their expertise and knowledge in the desired fields. Another important trick is to request a code sample from the applicant, as this will reveal a lot about their experience.


Strong Communication Skills:

You might not understand the technical jargon and you might have seniors to report to. When working with an outsourced person, it is best to work with someone who has good communication skills. Especially if you are working with a foreign team. The person you work with should be able to guide you in simple terms.



Be sure to ask a lot of questions about your project and about ASP.NET as well. To see how well the developer knows his line of work. A developer without proper knowledge would not have proper understanding either.


SQL Databases:

Data and databases are two critical components that have a major impact on development. For a.NET creator, database technology that is more advanced is more useful. Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and even MySQL are used with.NET, with Microsoft SQL being one of the most common databases used by.NET developers.



Ask people in similar line of work for referrals and also look at reviews left by others. They will help you understand what you can expect, when you will work with the developer in question.



When hiring overseas developers, you have to understand that there is going to be a big cultural gap between you both. So communication on certain factors may lack. So try choosing someone closer to home, but that can potentially be quite expensive. The best option is to choose someone with enough experience that communication problems can be minimized.


How much will an ASP.NET developer cost you?

Well the cost mostly depends on experience and even more so than that, the proximity of where you will hire your ASP.NET developer from. In the US the national average salary is $68,414 per year, but if you need an ASP.NET C# guru, expect to pay closer to $100K. The average.NET developer salary in Canada is $48,088, which is $20K less than the US amount. If your company is located in one of Canada’s larger cities, you’ll pay a little more. For example, the average.NET developer salary in Toronto is $50,639.


The average senior.NET developer salary in the UK is $69,860 and an expert for $80,030. In the UAE the average salary of a .NET developer is around $34,497. In Australia for $55,550, New Zealand for almost half of that amount and the cheapest .NET developer you can find are from Asia in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh for around $10,000 at max.