Cannabis (variety Cannabis), also known as cannabis, is a family of medicinal, recreational, and fiber plants that belongs to the Cannabaceae family. Cannabis can be consumed, smoked, or vaped. Cannabis is consumed by around 147 million individuals, or 2.5 percent of the total population. Marijuana is used by a large number of people for recreational purposes. In any event, an increasing number medical authorities are endorsing it for specific disorders and conditions.

The cannabis industry is a ripe field for growth. According to New Frontier Data, the cannabis industry will employ 255,000 people by 2019 and generate $24.5 billion in revenue by 2025. According to the statistics, 57 percent of cannabis users are between the ages of 18 and 49. Nowadays, innovation is producing a check, and people are clamoring to use portable applications because of the convenience and comfort they provide.

Here are the top 10 Cannabis Mobile App Development Companies in the globe, offering cannabis and marijuana businesses services such as mobile app design, development, and maintenance.

This article will highlight some of the most innovative IT companies and successful startups currently operating in the industry.

Best Cannabis & Marijuana Mobile App Developers



Coding Pixel is a top cannabis application development firm based in California, USA. Assisting clients with the digital transformation of their brands. They are dedicated to the quality and performance of their applications. They can bring whatever idea you have into reality, whether it’s a cannabis delivery app, a cannabis locator, or something else else. They are a group of full-stack mobile application developers who aren’t satisfied with good enough and are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to take your business to the next level. They make promises because they know they can keep it!


They’ve created over 3500 mobile apps for some of the world’s biggest brands, and cannabis-related apps are their specialty. They cover the entire life-cycle of your product as a bespoke portable application development company, from planning and procedure to UI/UX, application development, QA testing, and item delivery. They make apps using cutting-edge technology.


They have offices in the United States, Germany, and India, and have been in business for the past 5 years, exceeding expectations in mobile application development, web design, and development, as well as Digital Marketing Services and other services. They place a premium on a deep level of engagement with their clients as well as high-quality delivery services. They possess important skills, knowledge, and difficult labor that propels our company into the fascinating nature of their clients’ imaginations in a well-deserved manner.


With expertise in product development, agile, and user experience, they create world-class products. Cultivate offers a smartphone app for dispensaries that includes pricing, menus, ordering, and inventory management capabilities. They are enthusiastic about learning about their customers’ businesses and ideas. They bring a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives to bear on challenges while remaining conscious of their team’s, community’s, and personal sustainability. Cultivate is a cannabis dispensary-specific mobile app that includes pricing, menus, ordering, and inventory management capabilities.


The cannabis market is rapidly expanding, and MJ Freeway wants to help businesses get a piece of the action by offering both software and consulting services. They provide knowledge and consistency-driven cannabis seed to dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers to cope with the following programming. The group operates in 23 different states as well as Canada, Australia, and Europe. They say that by using their cannabis programming, you will never be left in the dark about important business information.


They create medical marijuana delivery and pick-up apps. Their goal is to make the Weed online ordering system as simple as as. They allow the customer complete flexibility to use the app and experiment because that is their top goal. Their applications follow a three-step process: Orders from Customers, Manage Order, Pickup or Delivery.


DevTeam.Space is an invite-only community of experienced development teams powered by artificial intelligence. Our objective is to assist more businesses in creating outstanding online products by assisting them in hiring and managing experienced developers with ease. Over the previous three years, they’ve worked with over 100 companies. They understand how marijuana apps are in high demand and can assist you.


Excellent Web World is a firm established in India that provides app and web development, cross-platform app development, and SEO services to its customers. They specialize in cannabis application development and have been in the industry for a long time. You can bring your idea to them and see it for yourself; their services are not limited. They claim that if you employ their developers to digitize your company, nothing will go wrong.


They can assist you in launching your own branded online weed ordering and delivery apps. Cannabis Delivery Startups, Single Medical Dispensary, and Cannabis Aggregator are among the services they offer. If you want to get all of your services in one place, they are a great option. They assure you the most powerful and user-friendly app, with features such as managing everything in one place.


Meadows has been in the business for a long time, and they guarantee a presentation that is immaculate, simple, and the most natural to use and comprehend framework you’ve ever used. Meadows assists you with your principal worry; their product will save you time, money, and increase the value of your employees, including increasing first-time purchases by 30 percent.


Why Cannabis App Development

Cannabis usage for medical or recreational purposes has become allowed in an increasing number of countries in recent years. According to current studies, the cannabis market will be worth $80 billion in the United States alone by 2030. As a result of this prognosis, cannabis is an investment that is well worth exploring, as there is a lot of room for growth.

Marijuana firms that produce marijuana, create pharmaceutical or biotech medical cannabis, or sell marijuana-related goods and services. Marijuana products are divided into two categories: medicinal and recreational.

Since cannabis-based products appear to have favorable benefits on persons suffering from a variety of medical ailments, the majority of companies are involved in the manufacturing of medicinal marijuana. Cannabis appears to alleviate nausea during chemotherapy, enhance appetite in HIV/AIDS patients, lessen chronic pain and muscle spasms, and even treat severe epilepsy, according to preliminary study. In addition, marijuana appears to be an effective muscle relaxant, reducing tremors linked with Parkinson’s disease. Medicinal cannabis is now being produced by a large number of pharmaceutical businesses.

In terms of recreational cannabis, the countries that currently allow it are a small minority; however, if additional nations follow Canada’s lead and legalize recreational cannabis in the future, it is highly probable that more companies will begin to focus on it.

Growing cannabis and selling though an app is idea worth investing in. Demand is always strong, and dispensaries need to buy their goods someplace, so why not you? Cannabis cultivation is more difficult than cultivating any other plant, especially if you want to meet modern quality requirements. You’ll need to know what circumstances weed plants need to thrive, as well as how to care for them as they grow. Cannabis cultivation is more difficult than cultivating any other plant, especially if you want to meet modern quality requirements. You’ll need to know what circumstances weed plants need to thrive, as well as how to care for them as they grow.

Stores that sell cannabis accessories, equipment, and paraphernalia are known as head shops. At head shops, you can find bongs, pipes, bubbles, vapes, and even joint papers and blunt wraps. You can have an app for your head shop if you own one. Cannabis offers a wide range of characteristics that are useful to people’s health. It is particularly well-known for its skin-healing and-repair abilities. As a result, you can start a business producing cannabis-infused creams, lotions, soaps, massage oils, and other products. You can even employ an app development business to create a Cannabis app to market these products.