More than a third of the internet is now powered by WordPress. In a wide range of niches and markets, which includes blogging, companies, online retailers, and utility websites. WordPress themes, hosting, controlled services, and, of course, maintenance and outsourcing companies have all sprung up around the dominant CMS for building and maintaining WordPress websites.

Without a doubt, WordPress is simple to use, but it’s not so simple to set up and manage. In contrast to a SaaS solution, you must piece together various parts of the CMS like lego pieces to get it to work. On the one hand, this makes WordPress more formable and extendable, giving it a significant advantage over its rivals. However, this makes it more difficult to build and sustain. For each of these lego pieces, there are numerous solutions and choices to choose from, including themes, page builders, plugins, hosting, caching services, and more.

Either build the expertise, experience, and skill set to deal with each of these on your own, or employ an in-house developer(s) to do it for you. However, there is a third option: hiring a ghost middleman who specialises in WordPress production. Even in a single theme or plugin like Jupiter X or Elementor. But, in what ways does this help you?


Save Time

Some WordPress tasks need more effort than imagination. You’ve spent a lot of time converting your PSD to WordPress, experimenting with Elementor to build a page prototype, or migrating material from another website to your current one.

The most significant advantage of outsourcing is that it allows you to concentrate on what really counts and what you can only do yourself. Leading, designing, thinking, strategizing, and ideating are all skills that cannot be outsourced. Instead of downloading WordPress, you could save time and concentrate on your creativity.


Get an Experienced Developer

A WordPress expert has years of experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of WordPress that your in-house developer won’t understand in the start.  And if you try to take on the learning curve on your own, there is a time of trial and error that you can avoid by simply hopping on the back of a seasoned WordPress expert.

Although the method of creating and using WordPress themes and page builders is standard, straightforward, and well-documented, there are hundreds of different ways to accomplish the same task. And depending on how you go about it, the outcome can be very different. After years of working with the theme or plugin, experts have figured out the best way to do various tasks.


Better Productivity

In most teams, the bottleneck occurs in development and quality assurance. Especially if it involves new and uncharted territory that necessitates some study, trial and error. And it’s at that stage that you can enlist the help of a professional to help you get out of a bind, smooth out your workflow, and boost productivity by concentrating on other aspects of the process, such as strategy, customer growth, and marketing.

You’ll be able to work on more tasks at the same time if you have a smooth production workflow. This is especially critical for high-volume teams where velocity is constrained by the number of in-house developers and you can’t freely delegate them numerous tasks from various projects. Through outsourcing to the right team, you can effectively double or triple the size of your team without having to hire more people.


Things to Consider While Choosing a WordPress Outsourcing Service


Start Small

If you’re new to outsourcing, small projects are a good place to start. You could encounter issues with outsourcing that you were not aware of during your contractor’s sales pitch. It can take some time for you to understand each other’s needs and abilities.

Starting small will help you mitigate potential losses and mistakes while learning the best practices along the way if you’re thinking about a long-term relationship. This is especially true in development projects, where close cooperation and in-depth expertise of both parties are essential for success.


Give Clear Description

Make a list of all the details and materials your contractor will need to begin working on your WordPress project. This varies depending on the project type, but the following guidelines may be useful for common project types:

  • Properly labeled folders and conventions after WP conversion.
  • Theme customization > Complete description of desired functionalities –a visual feature, an explanation video may be included.
  • Custom Design > Potential samples of design that you appreciate and demonstrate the design features you want in your project. In addition, there are detailed brand regulations.
  • Content management > Well-organized material that you want published on your website such a text, photographs, video with information about publication date, category and tags.


Don’t choose cheap, choose the best

The lowest price isn’t necessarily the best deal when it comes to outsourcing. It’s all about the price/value ratio! As we mentioned earlier, there could be a dozen different ways to accomplish a task on WordPress. If a candidate contractor provides a slightly higher price than the others, try to find out what special reason or capability qualifies them for it.

Anyone who knows Elementor and Photoshop will convert your project if it’s just another normal WordPress conversion project. In other words, you or your client do not have high levels of loyalty or quality expectations. This indicates that you should consider a lower price. If you have a special and loyal customer who trusts you because you respect their principles and brands, ensure that your outsourcing contractor respects those values as well, so the final product you offer to them is cohesive, clear, and seamless.


Communication is key

While getting projects done through outsourcing, your main point of contact is through the phone. So it is imperative, that whoever you work with has excellent communication skills. Make sure you have a plan in place for communicating with your contractor team. Is it done through a WhatsApp group? Or a section on their website dedicated to advanced briefings? If you want to build a long-term relationship with the contractor team, you should be able to create a clear contact line and an account manager who can communicate with you directly.

For their high-end and loyal customers, ideal white-label outsourcing teams have various contact options such as phone calls, Zoom calls, and briefing pages.



There you have it folks, all you need to know about the benefits of hiring a WordPress development team or individual.