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Hire WordPress developers from coding pixels on dedicated or hourly basis, Our WordPress developers are technically sound and can accomplish even the most complex projects on time. Hire Dedicated WordPress developers for your short-term or long-term WordPress development projects. Our team consists of vetted top talent WordPress developers. You can sell more of your WordPress website development service to your clients by hiring dedicated WordPress developers as your support.

50% less time-to-hire, 3x savings in labor * infrastructure cost.
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Pre Vetted Remote WordPress Developers

Hire WordPress developers that have wide range of skill levels. Furthermore, almost every WordPress developer possesses a diverse set of skills gained over time through experience. Hire remote WordPress developers who have worked on SaaS and custom WordPress solutions for SMEs and major multinationals in the automotive, electronics, finance, FMCG, not-for-profit, sports, and technology industries.

Hire WordPress Developers With Technical competences


  • HTML: All of our WordPress specialists are HTML coding experts. WordPress develop should have core expertis in HTML.
  • CSS:  Our WordPress developers can write custom CSS. CSS determines how an element appears on a webpage. 
  • Text editor:  Our WordPress developers are expert in using Text editors like Notepad++, Sublime, Atom, and Brackets.io, Netbeans.
  • Basic Photoshop: Our WordPress developers can convert PSD to WordPress
  • The backend of WordPress: The backend of WordPress is powered by PHP. The knowledge of PHP syntax is needed for developing WordPress themes, plugins, and modifying the default behavior of WordPress using actions and filters. And our developers posses the core expertise in WordPress backend
  • Front-end architecture: Our WordPress Front-end WordPress developers can work with Js framework (Vue.js, Angular, Next.js), as well as JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Backbone)
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap architecture aids developers in saving time and avoiding the need to code from the ground up. Both regular HTML, CSS, and Js components are included in Bootstrap. Our WordPress developers knows well about Bootstrap.
  • Databases – A database is a standardized collection of data that has been organised. Our developers work on the site’s back end and knowledgeable in MySQL.

Hiring WordPress Developers - Engagement Models

Coding Pixels let clients hire WordPress developers through number of engagement models


Model of Time and Machine:

In this proposal, a customer will be billed on a monthly basis for the amount of hours worked on your project by our resource, as well as any third-party or infrastructure services that have been provided. This technique has shown to be quite effective in situations where your project’s requirements or workload are constantly changing.


Fixed Price Model:

When the project’s scope and specifications are sufficiently well defined, a fixed price approach is advantageous. It’s a low-risk strategy in which we set expected deliverable and schedules for each milestone, culminating in a project deadline. It also applies to Agile projects because the scope and costs of a project are set in advance, regardless of project size.


Dedicated Team:

Hire Dedicated WordPress Development Team, This approach gives you a lot of control over project prices, timelines, and specs. WordPress Developers and other dedicated resources are available on a long-term contract for a fixed monthly fee, and you can also conduct interviews to pick and choose from our pool of professional vetted WordPress Developers.

WordPress developers know not only HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, but also mySQL, how the API functions, and how to write clean, efficient code that scales as the website’s needs expand.

Wordpress Development Tasks

WordPress projects are available in market in two ways. The first is the alteration and modification of the exciting WordPress websites’ code. These tasks necessitate problem-solving and debugging abilities. The second collection of projects are custom WordPress website development where WordPress developer code entire website or WordPress theme as per clients requirements. You can hire WordPress developers as your support!

WordPress is interactive since it is written in PHP. PHP is a server-side programming language, which means it runs on your website’s server. PHP has become one of the most popular programming languages as a result of WordPress’s existence. It, on the other hand, relies on MySQL as its primary database and information storage system.

A WordPress web designer is knowledgeable in the most common web programming and markup languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and others. This technical understanding will be the foundation for any job a WordPress developer undertakes. Hire WordPress developers, who are expert in installation and configuration of complex WordPress themes, modules, and plugins. WordPress developer can develop custom WordPress websites, They will assist you in seeing the big picture and achieving your objectives.

-Custom WordPress Development

-Custom WordPress Plugin Development

-Custom WordPress Website Designs & Themes Development

-Custom WordPress Integrations & Changes Implementations

-Custom WordPress Installation & Configuration

-Custom WordPress CMS Platform Migration

Hire WordPress Developers - Process

Do you require Remote & Dedicated WordPress Developer(s)? Coding Pixels can enable you in assembling a team of top-notch WordPress developers in matter of days with our proven process.


Give us your project specifications

We put WordPress website developers through a rigorous vetting process and selected the pool of only the finest WordPress developers in the industry. You’ll need to get in touch with us and explain your needs/requirements. With your scope in hand, our team will begin scanning our talent pool for the top WordPress developers.


Hand picked candidates for screening process

To help you fulfill your WordPress staffing needs, Coding Pixels has developed proprietary procurement, evaluation, and certification methodologies. Our managers will choose WordPress developers that best fits your needs and wishes and share their profiles with you.


Interview with applicants

Hire WordPress Developers of your own choice, You can interview shortlisted WordPress developers. You can reliably gauge the quality of their work and how well they understand your directions by assigning them small task.


Start Onboarding

Get it in writing once you’ve found a committed developer you’re happy to work with. You will begin on boarding until you are satisfied with the terms and the contract has been signed. WordPress developers can start working on your projects in matter of days, Save money on recruiting, office space, and HR responsibilities while maintaining your own WordPress developers.


Hiring remote developers can help you save time and money by allowing you to easily expand your staff.

– NO Infrastructure & Operational Cost: Infrastructure and operational costs are not incurred because the infrastructure and facilities are ready to use at our development center.
– ZERO Overhead Cost: Save on Extra Costs like; Insurance / Medical Allowances / Travel Reimbursements / Bonus & Perks.
– Better Projection of Cost: With Evolving Nature of Model Clients can do better Cost Projections for their Project.


What if I am not satisfied with the assigned WordPress Developer?

Even though we aim to provide you with the best word press developers available, if you are unhappy with our WordPress developers, please let us know within 3-5 working days and we will provide you with a substitute.

What will be the experience of the hired resources?

We have a pool of WordPress developers ranging in experience from one to twelve years. If you require junior WordPress developers, you can hire WordPress developers with 1 to 3 years of experience, and if you need senior WordPress developers, you may hire WordPress developers with 3 to 12 years of experience. You must submit your specifications to our recruiter manager.

When agencies hire dedicated WordPress Developers?

A WordPress developers develop frontend and backend of a WordPress website. WordPress developers may also create custom plugins or themes for WordPress. Web design firms may hire WordPress developers when they require help with WordPress development, or they have workload they hire remote WordPress developers standby support. Recruiting dedicated WordPress development teams, freelance WordPress developers, and WooCommerce experts instead of hiring in-house WordPress developers can save companies a lot of time and money.

How will assign task to WordPress designers/ WordPress Developers

Communication can be done via email, Skype, or other Instant Messengers. And you can use project management system such as Slack or Asana to assign tasks to your WordPress developers and track projects progress.

What if the resource leaves your company?

When you engage dedicated WordPress developers, they operate as permanent employees of the company under the supervision of a Team Lead. All of our WordPress developers are required to serve a two-month notice period. During this time, the project’s knowledge will be transferred to a new WordPress developer, and we will ensure that you will be replaced with a new WordPress developer with complete knowledge of the project.

Do I control the developer?

Yes, you will have a control on your developers, We believe in open communication and encourage our clients to communicate the resources they hire from us. The developer(s) will continue to provide regular project updates, and clients can communicate with them via any channel, such as Skype or Slack like as your own team member.

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