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Hire dedicated Shopify developers from Coding Pixels to handle your clients’ Shopify development projects and deliver on time. There are various advantages to hiring dedicated Shopify developers.

Many ecommerce, IT, and online businesses employ coding pixels talent to acquire a dedicated Shopify developer. We have pre-vetted Shopify developers in our talent pool, and we can match you with the best Shopify developers. High-quality code and on-time delivery.

50% less time-to-hire, 3x savings in labor * infrastructure cost.
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hire dedicated shopify developers

Shopify Developers Technology Stack

-Liquid, HTML5, CSS3


-REST API, Scripts.


-PHP, Go, Node.js, React


Top Talent Dedicated Shopify Developers

hire dedicated shopify developersShopify web developers build eCommerce websites regularly, they are experts in their profession.

They know how to implement the best formats, functionalities, templates, payment gateways, inventory structures, navigation, categories, and checkout logic. You can hire dedicated Shopify developers as your support.

You can hire dedicated Shopify developers with years of experience in the Shopify platform if you want to get the most out of your web development businesses.

We have talent pool of Shopify developers who are well-versed in the platform. With years of experience, they can sense the pulse of the project and complete it in one go.

Depending on the nature of the project, You can hire dedicated Shopify developers to develop custom Shopify websites and modifying pre-existing themes.

Shopify developers are experts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Shopify’s scripting language, Liquid.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking to hire dedicated Shopify developers. You can hire Shopify developers or a Shopify development team that has passed our stringent quality standards. Working with us is a terrific approach to recruit experienced dedicated Shopify developers. Coding Pixels is the appropriate partner to approach whether you require a dedicated Shopify Development Team to build a project from the bottom up or to supplement your in-house development capabilities with one or two remote dedicated Shopify developers.

Hire dedicated Shopify developers who are experienced in HTML, CSS, Shopify Integration, JavaScript/jQuery, Shopify Ajax API, Liquid Coding, Troubleshooting, and Debugging.

They are capable of completing tasks such as:

– Shopify Store Development

– Customization of Existing Shopify Websites

– Shopify Store Code Enhancement

– PSD To Shopify Development

– Shopify Theme Development

– Shopify Third Party Integration

– Shopify Extension Development

– Shopify Migration

Hire Shopify / Liquid Developer(s)

Do you need to hire dedicated shopify developers for your project? Please use our contact form to send us your resource hiring requirements. Tell us about your Shopify development team’s technical requirements and goals. Our account managers will assess your needs and ensure that you will be linked with the best Shopify developers from our team.

Hire dedicated Shopify developers with years of experience. We’ll shortlist candidates based on your criteria and present pre-screened candidates who have been hand-picked to fit your needs.

Our Shopify experts take a professional approach, adhering to coding principles and standards to the point.

We have the expertise and resources to develop large-scale solutions as well as to help startups scale-up. Top talent is hard to come by. It’s costly, time-consuming, and limited geographically. You can hire dedicated Shopify developers faster, smarter, and better with Coding Pixels staff augmentation service.

We have state of art office, and all of the equipment a developer would need ready to go when they step in on their first day. Coding Pixels is a US-based staff augmentation firm with a state-of-the-art development center in Pakistan. Pakistan has a large pool of experienced Shopify developers who are up to speed on the latest and greatest technology and have received extensive training. In as little as two days’ notice, the client can be on boarded with his Shopify developers as soon as the contract sign.

Hiring Models

We’ll allow you some leeway when it comes to employing Shopify developers. From a variety of alternatives, you can select the most appropriate recruiting model(s).

Not every model is appropriate for every project. Based on your project, task kind, budget, availability, and model process, you must select the appropriate model.


Hire Dedicated Shopify Developers:

Hire dedicated Shopify developers that will work for you as if they are your own employee, sitting in our office. He or she will exclusively work on your projects. You’ll have complete control over his schedule and activities. During regular work hours, they will be available online on Skype. All assignments, plans, activities, work reports, and performance reports will be available to you.

You will be charged on a monthly basis. All other tasks, such as daily HR activities, operational monitoring, software/hardware maintenance, project management, and technical backup, will be handled by us. You can concentrate solely on your company growth.


Project-Based Hiring:

We will provide a ballpark estimate for a predetermined set of high-level criteria if the project is project-based. We’ll also lay out a resource plan, including who will work and when. Billing will be done on a monthly basis, based on completed work and milestones.


Time and Material Model:

Time and Material is an excellent agile approach for iterative and incremental development. We bill the client based on the amount of hours spent on the project by each resource.


NO Infrastructure & Operational Cost: Ready to Use Infrastructure & Facilities.
– ZERO Overhead Cost: Save on Extra Costs like; Insurance / Medical Allowances / Travel Reimbursements / Bonus & Perks.

– Better Projection of Cost: With Evolving Nature of Model Clients can do better Cost Projections for their Project.

Shopify Learning Center

Office And Infrastructure


What if I am not satisfied with the assigned dedicated resource?

This is unlikely to occur because all of our Shopify developers have gone through a rigorous hiring and training process. This ensures that the shopify programmers are qualified, and we assess their talents on a regular basis. If you are dissatisfied with our Shopify developers, just let us know within 3-5 working days, and we will replace them.

What will be the experience of the hired resources?

We offer a talent pool of shopify developers ranging in experience from one year to ten years. You will need to communicate your requirements to your account manager on the developers’ experience you wish to recruit.

What if the resource leaves your company?

All of our developers operate under the supervision of a team lead. Our developers are full-time employees, and we have a two-month minimum notice period, so no one may quit until that time has gone. We’ll make sure you’re replaced with a developer who has all of your previous experience.

What project management tool I can use to assign task?

You may delegate tasks to developers using Asana or Slack, and you can also communicate with them via email, messenger, or Skype.

As you work on hourly model too? How do you track hours?

We do work on an hourly basis too, yes. You will be charged based on the number of hours you use the service. It’s also known as the Time and Material Model. Tools like time doctors can be used to keep track of developer hours.

Do I control the developer?

Yes, you will control the developer you hire, you can assign your tasks and deadlines.

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