Software & Mobile App Development Staff Augmentation Service

Software staff augmentation is an efficient way to get the software resources you need without all of the hassle. It’s a great solution when you need long-term resources for mission-critical software in a continuous delivery environment. You hire experienced engineers from countries where talent is plentiful but opportunity is lacking. You have control over the work, timelines, and roadmaps because staff augmentation companies are accountable to you.. Plus, you get the added bonus of efficient reporting. Are you in need of software development staff augmentation services? Help is just a phone call away! We provide complete dedicated team extension options for your mobile app or software development  project, whether you’re looking for extra developers to finish a software development project, a fresh perspective, quality assurance services, app deployment assistance or senior technical expertise. With our extensive network of software and app developers, we’re sure to be able to find the perfect team for your needs. So don’t hesitate – get in touch now and let us extend your team with the right resources.

We are the leading staff augmentation service. We have a large pool of talented workers that we can bring on board to help fill your hard-to-fill or temporary software engineers positions. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of finding and vetting talent yourself. We will do all the work for you so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

Back-end developers

  • PHP developers
  • Python developers
  • .NET developers
  • SQL developers
  • Xamarin developers
  • Node Js developers
  • Mean Stack developers

Front-end developers

  • React developers
  • JavaScript developers
  • Angular developers
  • Vue.js developers
  • JQuery developers
  • CSS developers
  • iOS and Android developers

Other specialists

  • Quality Assurance experts
  • Server infrastructure managers
  • UX & UI designers
  • Marketing support
  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The development of any software or app product is not an easy task. With the growing business, you need more people on board to stimulate your progress and achieve stated goals; otherwise it would be impossible for some projects even with brilliant engineers go wrong because they didn’t have “the right stuff”.

We help companies in forming remote development teams from the ground up or bolstering their existing development teams with additional software developers. We can assist you in forming team with practically any skill set to your specific needs. We look for people that can work well in a team and have the correct attitude and approach. Your team members will report directly to you (or your tech executives) and will work exclusively for you. It also  means that members of your team will carry out your vision for development procedures and technical techniques.

Coding Pixels Staff augmentation service for software development companies provides a flexible software and app development resource with specific skill sets, allowing a project manager to accomplish company goals and objectives without the delays and distractions of staffing. Companies of all sizes use staff augmentation service to complete deadline focused projects on time and with in budget. We provide complete dedicated team extension options for your mobile app development project, so you can get the help you need – and fast. Whether you’re looking for extra developers to finish a project or extra skills, we can extend your team with the right resources. CodingPixels have the experience workforce of software and app developers available to hire on full time or part time bases. Remote software staff augmentation is growing trend and if you are finding qualified remote developers for your team you can hire them through Coding Pixels.

Save Time

Tired of spending hours sifting through resumes and conducting tedious interviews, only to find that the candidate you finally hire is a dud? Well, software development staff augmentation is the solution for you! With staff augmentation, you can save time and money by adding team members to your project with a wide array of skills to suit your requirements. If you’re looking to save time and money on your next mobile app development project, staff augmentation may be the answer. With staff augmentation, you can add team members to your project with a wide array of skills to suit your requirements. So whatever your software development projects may be, we have the perfect employees for you. And the best part is that you don’t even have to go through the hassle of searching and inducting new employees!

Scale Team Up & Down

Hiring a team of developers can be a daunting task. There are a lot of things to consider, from the cost of the project to the number of developers needed. However, with a little bit of planning, you can easily scale your team up or down to meet your changing needs. For example, if you only need a few developers for a short-term project, you can simply hire them on a contract basis. On the other hand, if you need a large team for a long-term project, you can build your own in-house development team. And if your needs change over time, you can always adjust your team size accordingly. So whatever your development needs may be, don’t be afraid to scale your team up or down to meet them. Spend less time and money on your IT department with a team of remote professionals. Your extended company saves you both without losing quality!

Onboard Easily

We have a full range of services to get you up and running, including everything from training programs for new employees throughput maintenance. We also work closely with clients so that they can be confident in their choice while we align priorities around projects – all under one roof!

Meet Deadline

Staff augmentation is the key to meeting aggressive deadlines. It provides companies with on-demand access to an experienced and specialized workforce, which helps them deliver results without compromising quality – even if they are working outside of their normal hours or location!

Add Experience Developers

When you outsource your software development needs, you can avoid the time and expense of conducting an employee search and induction. You’ll have access to experience software developers from a team that has a wide range of skills and experience in different projects. This can enhance the quality of your development project, and you will have experience developers in your team.

Low Risk

CodingPixels team specializes in recruiting, onboarding, and HR support for engineers, you can quickly scale up or down to meet your changing needs. And because we maintain a network of qualified candidates in many disciplines, you always have the flexibility to shift to different skill sets if needs change. So if you’re looking for a low-risk way to hire proven talent, staff augmentation is the way to go.

Progress Reporting

There’s no denying that traditional outsourcing can be a bit of a black box. You hand over the project to someone else, and then hope that they’ll do a good job. But with augmented teams, you’re in complete control. You know exactly what’s going on at every stage of the project, and efficient reporting means you can track progress with ease. So if you’re looking for a more transparent, efficient way to get things done, augmented teams are definitely the way to go.


  • The Business Analyst strengthens relationships with your in-house development team to ensure that everyone is on the same page. They conduct meetings and interviews, analyze client platforms for best practices as well as do core team member additions before building basic infrastructure of processes around those methods/practices so you can start scaling up quickly!
  • Our business analyst will figure out what skills and qualities are important for your software or app development project and we will use this information to create a profile of the different roles you need to fill.
  • After we learn about your project, we start to look for developers who would be a good fit for your software development project. The role of software staff augmentation services is to search through our database of software or app developers to find those with a track record of success on similar projects.
  • Upon analysis, it is determined that your project may need upscaling or down scaling. To complete these tasks you will have incorporate an additional team member(s). Furthermore operational & development practices must also be established throughout the entire process so as not disruption any existing workflows.
  • You’ll be able to get a feel for your new team members when we introduce them over the phone. We’ll also talk about their past projects and development experience, so you can see if this is someone who will work well with yours!
  • We provide compliance & regulatory services to the industry. We also offer technical support for our clients’ technology needs, including custom software solutions that will improve your productivity while maintaining security measures in place!
  • You’ll have a dedicated, focused team to help guide your project through every step. We provide the support you need and will check in regularly with how things are going so that we can make sure this is going smoothly for both parties involved!
  • Let’s stop wasting time and money onshore software development. Let us bring the best of both worlds to your business with our near-hybrid approach: laser focus paired up by experienced remote software development team members who do what they know how, freeing you from those days where it feels like everyone is working against one another instead of alongside each other!

Project RoadMap

If you’re not sure where to start with your next project, then it might be time for some road maps. A dedicated team can help ensure that the course of action chosen remains consistent and achieves all goals set out by yours or clients’. They will also adjust quickly if need-be as technology changes over different stages throughout an SDLC cycle (from requirement gathering through launch).

Long Projects

With a dedicated team model, your software development service provider takes care of all HR activities and associated risks. This ensures that you can focus on the long-term projects without worrying about changes in team arrangement leading to extra costs or affected workflow due new hires not being able get up speed quickly enough with existing employees who have been working together since before they came onto this project A great way for companies looking at keeping their own staff happy while also saving money through more efficient use/sharing off specialist expertise is opting for what’s known as “dedicated” services where one specific company provides everything needed throughout an entire project cycle – starting from initial idea.

Fast Process

Hiring an augmented team means you won’t have to waste time onboarding and bureaucracy. They can get right into work, making your project come together faster than ever before!

Expert Team

The best software development team in town is at your service. You can get a dream group of experts to work on any project, no matter how big or small it may be – they’ll maintain an unique expertise shared amongst all projects managed by them so you never have concerns about what’s going into new builds!

Extend Your Software Development Team

The extended software development team model is the process of bringing together in-house teams and remote (AKA extended) teams to work on the same projects. It is also commonly referred to as staff augmentation. This development model works long term and provides companies with the benefit of having skilled software developers of the top caliber in the same space while cutting costs that they might have to invest if they hire more members for their in-house team. Most companies extend their software development teams nearshore in a neighboring country to save their costs but some outsource their development teams to a different continent.

How Does It Work?

How does team extension work? What are steps that you should follow when integrating an extended software development team? Here’s everything that you need to know about extension integration:

1. Pre-Planning

Pre-planning involves asking important questions such as what is the scope of the project, what main roles it’s going to need, is your in-house team capable enough to fill the role, and what skills do you need to source from an external source.

You can do this analysis yourself or you can enlist the help of a professional technology consultant. Study and analyze your ideas and turn them into clear requirements like project goals, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before moving to the next stage.

2. Screen Candidates

Based on your requirements, project specifications, project goals, and KPIs start selecting and pre-screening suitable candidates. Interview the best candidates to assess their technical and soft skills and hire the ones you deem most appropriate for hire.

3. Onboarding & Integration

While the previous steps will prepare you for software team extension, this step will help you with the integration of the extended team into your workflow. Make sure that your extended team is on-page with everything and knows what tasks they’re supposed to do to ensure a smooth working process.

4. Accountability & Reporting

Your extended development team will be an integral part of your in-house team and they will follow your internal processes and take direct orders from the onsite manager. Here. It’s extremely important for you to integrate them with the onsite manager, so they know who to report to and go to for help.

Benefits of Having an Extended Software Development Team

Transparency: You get to have constant control over the project as you can track the performance in real-time and optimize it if needed.

Direct Communication: As the extended team directly communicates with the appointed manager and the onsite team members, there are no communication gaps. It helps you achieve transparency and clarity.

Tight-Knit Team: As you allocate roles within the team, your software developers feel more involved and, consequently, work better on the project.

Complete Synchronization: Your extended team, similar to your in-house team, will be up to date with your corporate culture, work ethics & methodologies, management style, and other practices.

On-Demand Team Scaling: This model also helps you add more software developers to your on-demand. Plus, it aids in dissolving the teams you no longer need.

How to Extend Your Software Development Team?

Here are three most commonly used ways that work quite effectively:

1. Outsourcing the Software Development Team

Outsourcing enables you to let an external team of software developers deal with your software development operations. Plus, it kills two birds with one stone as you get to save your money because of lower wage rates in other countries and you also get to hire more people by leveraging the exchange rate.

2. Hiring Freelancers

You can also extend your team by hiring freelancers in your area or offshore. It offers a lot of flexibility which is why it’s the perfect extension method for startups. However, we don’t recommend freelance software developers for large tech companies, but it can be a huge asset for startups.

3. Out-Staffing

In this method, you hire an offshore developer team but unlike offshoring, the candidates become an integral part of your organization. The in-house team is responsible for the proper control and supervision of the external unit of developers.  However, you don’t need to pay the extended team extra benefits and there are no overhead costs as well.


How Fast Software Staff Augmentation Companies Can Built You Team?

Depending on the staff augmentation firm, you can have a fully functioning development team in as little as one week. However, it’s always advisable to allow for a little more time so that the team can be properly vetted and so that everyone has a chance to get up to speed on the project. A good software staff augmentation company will be able to provide you with a team of developers that are already familiar with your specific software platform and with workflows and protocols. This will help minimize the learning curve and will allow the team to hit the ground running from day one.

Working Hours of Software Developers?

The working hours of software developers who join the extended teams work 8 to 9 hours everyday except weekend. They usually work from early in the morning until late at night. This can be quite tiring, but it is also very rewarding. software developers who join the extended teams often feel a great sense of satisfaction when they are able to help their team members solve complex problems.

What are the communication tools to work with Software Staff Augmentation Service?

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to communicating and managing work with software developers. The first is to use traditional project management tools like Jira or Trello. These tools are great for keeping track of tasks and assigned deadlines, but don’t always facilitate the best communication.

The second school of thought is to use more informal communication tools like Slack or Hipchat. These platforms are great for quickly getting questions answered or starting a discussion, but can be overwhelming if there isn’t a clear line between work talk and water cooler chat.

The third option is to use a combination of both formal and informal communication tools. For example, you might use Jira to assign tasks and track progress

We are the best in development and we always aim to provide you with solutions that will help your business grow. Our team can build anything from simple web applications, native apps or even complex backend code for multiple platforms! Our software development staff augmentation service cover all kind of projects staffing needs, From full-scale software development to MVP of mobile app development, moreover you can also hire software testing experts, we can handle it all. We give your software development company the flexibility, speed, and expert know-how it needs to scale swiftly and complete software or app development projects on time.

Why Software Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a type of subcontracting that provides more control than conventional outsourcing. This higher degree allows organizations to monitor and keep track their temporary workforce’s progress as they work alongside the regular staff full time hires for now but there are many other advantages too!

This is especially important in small and medium-sized IT companies, which often lack the budget to hire staff with specialized skillsets. As such they are limited when it comes engaging on complex projects or operating at a lower rate of efficiency than desired; this can largely be attributed physical costs associated hiring permanent employees like salaries as well infrastructural expenses needed for maintaining them – all while still trying maintain customer service levels through chat support options like live chats (or other forms) instant messaging software!

The tech industry is booming, but there’s a problem employers are struggling with. The lack of specialists in software development and DevOps has caused difficulty matching candidates up to these special needs positions which can be seen as one reason why so many people want this type or skill set right now.

More and more companies are turning towards hiring contractors or “software staff augmentation services” as a way of filling their skills gap. These individuals may be hired for short-term projects, but many times they will end up becoming permanent fixtures within your organization’s workforce if you trust them enough!

When a company outsource their IT processes, they have to make sure that the service provider is compatible with each other and has access of all necessary resources. This way it will be easy for them maintain confidentiality while still getting expertized help on certain tasks like software development

Because there’s no one perfect answer when choosing between an internally-facing team at your own facility versus outsourcing everything completely (and having some third party handle those responsibilities), we recommend considering both factors – how important does this project/task really need attention from internal staff vs outsourcing it to staff augmentation company.

If you’re ready to hire us for your project from start-to finish, we can help. We offer consultation on how best approach each stage in developing high performing software products that deliver faster and with less defects!

The R&D center is an excellent solution for expanding your business into new markets. A dedicated office that will house all of our developers, ensuring they are completely focused on helping you grow! With this top-notch service from one trusted partner we can set up the perfect space – no matter what size or budget.

With Staff Augmentation short term remote workers allow SMEs access talent pools large enough so that there won’t necessarily always need in-house software developers.

Are you looking for a software development staffing solution that can help you quickly scale your business.

Hiring developers can be a daunting task. Not only do you need to find the right skill set, but you also need to make sure that they will be a good cultural fit for your company.  It’s no secret that finding and hiring top technical talent is hard. And it’s not just about finding someone with the right skillset – you also need to make sure that they will be a good cultural fit for your company. Let us take care of everything so you don’t have to! We’ll optimize processes and deliver solutions tailored just right for any type or size company – small startups all the way up through large enterprises in every industry sector. Our team will work closely with clients on their goals while delivering cost savings at an increased return rate; we’re not satisfied until our client is happy about what they’ve received from us personally.

When you hire staff augmentation service, it can be easy to get a professional and experienced team on board. Not only will this save money by reducing operating expenditures of the company but also if you hire developers locally there is always potential for higher costs due to more wages per hour than what our service provides. Coding Pixels delivers high-quality technical talent for an overall better value. Using our blended-shore approach, we connect companies with highly skilled developers that don’t require extensive training, allowing you to grow your team quickly and cost-effectively. Our developers have a wide range of experience, from early career up to senior positions. We offer expert oversight on every engagement through our partnerships at no extra charge – this ensures success for both client and developer! Contact us today to learn more about our staff augmentation service! And there you have everything you need to know about software development team extension! If you still have more questions about how it works, what you need to do before & after the hiring, and how can you keep things seamless, feel free to get in touch with us!

CodingPixels US is among the leading software staff augmentation service if you are finding remote developers seeking new opportunities, it’s important that you first understand what your project requirements are and what specific skill set/experience is needed in order to complete the project. In addition, what would you like the end result to be and how much could you afford to pay for this project. Our programmers are available to work on your projects remotely. Our collaboration concept is adaptable enough to meet your specific requirements. We pre-screen software developers based on your specifications. We put together your team based on your needs, utilizing our own talent and recruitment resources. If necessary, our HR experts will assist you with specialized recruitment to fit your specific requirements. The Coding Pixels development center has many specialized teams as well as potential software developers who can join the teams on short notice. This assures not only the top software developers, but also that team members are aligned with the client’s culture and requirements.


CodingPixels team provide developers to software companies and each of our talented resources is filtered across our platform to ensure that they are a good match for your needs. Our robust process enables us to make top talent available to you remotely.



We offer all inclusive HR benefits the employee wages, accounting, employment rules, finances, and all other formalities will be managed by our committed HR managers.



We have engineering-centric, cutting-edge facilities as well as a relaxing remote work environment that encourages innovation